Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations

-AS/NZS 3003: 2018 is the mandatory electrical installation standard for patient areas in hospitals and medical facilities, for use by electricians undertaking new, alterations, additions and repairs to patient electrical areas classified as “body protected” or “cardiac protected”.

Patient areas include hospitals; medical or dental practices; and/or specialised treatment clinics where electrical medical equipment is used on a person.

The Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) outlines compliance on over 80 points for any completed work in; with routine testing to be carried out at intervals not exceeding 12 months by a qualified assessor.

Electrical Testing Company can provide certification of these areas which includes visual inspection and testing to verify compliance with the standard.

In these installations, medical grade 10mA RCDs (Residual Current Devices) which protect humans against the risk of electric shock are installed within the patient’s room, rather than in the electrical switchboard.

These RCDs and the earthing systems that protect these rooms must be tested regularly by qualified technicians and records of the results must be kept.